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Hakuba is world renown for its epic snow and easy to access freeride terrain, let us show you some of our favorite spots to get away from the crowds and really enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

Backcountry / off-piste photo shoots are ¥40,000 for a half day, and ¥60,000 for a full day this includes the editing. Photos are then sent to your email later that same day

 F A Q

Do we need a guide to ride off-piste?

Which is better for photos, backcountry or off-piste?

Having a guide is always best but not 100% necessary to go off-piste with us.

If it snowed recently off-piste is much easier as we don`t need to hike so we spend much more time riding, more riding = more photo opportunities.

If it hasn`t snowed in 2-3 days than backcountry is a better option.

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